jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011


by Scarlet Hawk

sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

RPDR S01E06: Absolut Drag Ball

Ru tell them what the mini challengue its gona be VOGUE!!!

shannel really do it very well but... Ru didnt pick her

so its nina versus rebecca and yes, nina win!

in the work room Ru introduce Jefrey Moran who is CUTE and something of Absolut Vodka

so everyone its gonna do 3 look´s 1.- executive2.-swing suite3.-extravanganza!, and nina choose the flavor of vodka they gonna do nina-mango bebe-rasberry shannel-mandarin rebecca-citrus

but everyonee is so nerveous so Ru send them CHARO!!!!

and all is a FIESTA!!! (i want a fiesta with charo!!!)

oh and also they need to put real frut in their dresses?

so Ru came looking Fab and introduce the judges

ant bebe came, good outfit

nina dont look so executive, look more like a teacher

shannel was hot!

and rebeca...well...

bebe was good again

nina for me was the best, it was screaming PR

shannel was looking great but that thing in her head?

and rebecca was shocking good

in extravaganza bebe was stonning

and use well the fruits

nina was looking so fishy!!!

shannel was gorgeous but always looking kinda showgirl

and rebecca was kinda ok, i like the butterflys

so bebe won the challenge and nina was safe

well rebecca and shannel was lip sing for their lifes

shokingly rebbecca stay

and shannel go, but she kinda want that

and the top 3 make their party on the cat walk


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