miércoles, 29 de diciembre de 2010

Sumary ~2010~

Artist´s what i discover: Scissor´s Sisters, Ami Suzuki & Mizca

Artist what RE-Discover: Rina Aiuchi

Best movie i wacht: Toy Story 3

movie what surprise me: Harry Potter 7 part 1

best book i read: El Principe Maldito

best gift i receive: harry potter lego years 1-4

best game i played: mario bros wii

Singers what Surprise me: Ayumi Hamsaki (for Crossroad & Love Songs)

Belanova (for Sueño Electro 1)

Alizee (for La Candida & her new sound)

Rina Aiuchi( for her last y best album)

Narsha(for her original sound)

Mini (for her great music)

Lee Jung Hyun (for her great comeback)

ICONIQ (for light ahead)

best reality i wacht: she got the look (season 2)

Cartoon what i discover: superjail!

games what i beat

mario bros wii

mario kart wii

tomb raider legend

SSB brawl

Favorte blog

Favorite TV star: Vanessa Williams

favorite movie stars: Emma Watson

Alan rickman

best TV series: Big Bang Theory

people i get back: Kapullo & drale

Favorite song of the Year: AVAtar by Lee Jung Hyun

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