lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

RPDR season 2 Premiere

that´s right, they back

the first queen whe meet is Nicole Paige Brooks, in male look normal

but as a girl look so elegant and poisse

then enter shangela, looking fine

and as a boy look country doesn it?

then enter Raven, a tall,dark,and tatoo raven

as a boy look kinda evil

then enter jujubee, looking good and happy

as a boy look...asian

then enter sahara what look really fine

as a boy is so valley

ohh and is life time friend of Shangella

then enter Morgan who is cute as a boy

but as a girl is kinda creepy...maybe is just the wig

ohh and he is also friend of Raven( that hug look suspicious)

then enter mistique what is kinda fiercee

but as a boy is a mess

ohhh Jessica Wild she is so funny

and as a boy is kinda funny too

Sonique, shes fiercee

and as a boy...well not so much

ohh a she is friend os Nicole(everyone know somebody)

the enter Tatianna, shes so pretty

and as a boy too

Pandora gives the best entrance

as a boy is so nice

then enter tyra and she is so elegant

as a boy look kinda femenine

well that´s this season queens, quickly te tv gets on and ru come and say some things like congratulations for being the lucky 12...

then the real Ru came to say hi to the queens

then the first mini challenge arrive,we meet mike ruiz and the queens are going to do a photoshoot with him(DejaVu)

also the shoot has a BIG fan what shoots really heavy air

juju make it good

tatianna´s make it hot

WTF with the face of sonique?

Pandora make it funny

jessica is so wild

mistique is surprisingly good

morgan loose his wig but make a good shoot

Nicole make it kinda catalogue

sahara make a good body shoot

tyra make it kinda blah

shangella give us movement

and raven does dramatic

Raven win this mini challenge and for that she can choose the pair of curtains for the next big challenge,what consist in make a look with just curtains

so the time for the runaway came

and ru looks good

she present the judges, santino,merle,mike ruiz and...

kathy griffin!!!!

tyra lucio bien

raven was fiercee

sonique was kinda tribal-ish

damn shes gorgeous

jujubee was cute

tatianna was good

and shes hot

sahara was correct

shangella looks kinda rough

jessica was so good

morgan came with something kinda warrior

mystique look bad

but she

nicole look like a lady

and pandora was kathy griffin

so Raven,Tatianna,Nicole,Jujubee,Jessica and Sonique was declare safe

and Tyra,Pandora,Shangella,Morgan,Sahara and Mystique was the top & bottom

tyra´s critic was not enough personality

Shangella was bad look

morgan, everyone love her

Pandora receive good critic

mystique was harsh critic on her

sahara wasn´t drag enough

soo morgan win the challenge and receive inmunity

while sahara and shangella lipsync for their life(was over the top and in words of sonique-look like mortal kombat)

but sahara stay and sangella make the first eliminated( that one sholud be mistyque)

and the end of chapter 1 and party on the catwalk!!!

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